Listen to these recordings (below) to hear how I sound live:

...and here is my latest album (I wrote, played and recorded everything you hear on here)

...this is my Spotify Playlist "MoonDog Mania" with a bunch of other Spotify Artists I like:







Although I started playing guitar in the late 70's, I didn't actually perform live until the mid 90's, but once I got a taste for playing in front of an audience, I didn't want to stop. So I kept playing live and, in 1997, I also began teaching guitar as well. By 2001 I had been playing non-stop in quite a few bands as an acoustic guitarist, singer, and as both an electric and upright bassist, but I also had a growing family by then. So instead of further performing, I put my time into recording CD's of my original songs (Tales of the BedYam) and I continued to teach guitar lessons in Pleasanton until the recession hit. In 2008 I was fortunate enough to be re-hired back at the Livermore Airport (where I had worked for 5 years after my first enlistment in the USAF ended in 1992) and where I have been ever since.

So here we are, it's 2020, and it's been quite some time since I have played live anywhere, but I think it's time to put myself back out there and see what happens.

Stay tuned!


Contact Me

Feel free to send me an email any time using the Contact Form (above)
if it's between 8am and 8pm California Time, you can also start a chat with me by clicking on the little chat-icon below.
If you're amenable to that sort of thing, that is...
Also you can find me on YouTube, SoundCloud, BandCamp, Spotify, iHeartRadio, iTunes/Apple Music, Amazon, CDBaby and GooglePlay etc., by clicking on the buttons or just Google my full name Brett Allen Gregory.
...and hopefully soon you can find me playing locally again live!
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